March 2010 Flooding Video

This video was produced by the RI Health Equity Zone initiative. 

Health Equity Zones are geographical areas designed to achieve health equity by eliminating health disparities using place-based (where you live) strategies to promote healthy communities. Healthy communities are places where
people live, work, play, and learn. These are neighborhoods consisting of social and physical environments that support healthy choices and safe living.

To see if you live in a flood zone click here to check your address in the Rhode Island Floodplain Viewer


Click the picture to learn more about how you can prepare for a flood

Disasters happen every day, yet we always think, “it can’t happen here.” That myth creates obstacles to appropriate emergency preparedness.

The following headlines illustrate healthcare emergency responses on a local, regional, and national level.

September is National Preparedness Month

Each year, September is recognized as National Preparedness Month (NPM). NPM is a time to prepare for disasters and emergencies that could affect us where we live, work, go to school, worship, and visit.

This year’s NPM is focused on planning, with the theme “Disasters Happen. Prepare Now. Learn How.”

Week 1: Sept. 1-8, Make and Practice Your Plan

Week 2: Sept. 9-15, Learn Life Saving Skills

Week 3: Sept. 16-22, Check Your Insurance Coverage

Week 4: Sept. 23-29, Save For an Emergency

This week, individuals are encouraged to Save for an Emergency. Everyone can take steps to be prepared, including:

  1. Plan financially for the possibility of disaster.
  2. Complete an Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK)
  3. Maintain emergency savings for use in case of an emergency
  4. Financial Preparedness Graphics

Get more information and resources including the social media toolkit, graphics, and tips on promoting National Preparedness Month by visiting